Click to enlarge103-0010-00 Ear Seals Silicone Gel
Fits dome style headsets 4DX, 4DLX, & 5DX.

Click to enlarge103-0603-00 FC-06 Microphone Y Adapter
Allows pilot and copilot to share a single microphone jack. Requires separate PTT for each position.

Click to enlarge103-0604-00 PTT Gold
Push-to-talk switch with durable gold contacts.

Click to enlarge103-0607-11 Large Muff w/ O-Ring (3 pack)
Large mic cover for use on 4DX, 4LX, 4DLX, 5DX, Classic ANR and Denali.

Click to enlarge103-0607-21 Small Muff w/ O-Ring (3 Pack)
Small mic cover for use on F20.

Click to enlarge103-0610-00 Comfort Pad 103-0610-00 Comfort Pad
Snap-on comfort pad, fits 4DX, 4DLX, & 5DX.

Click to enlarge103-0616-00 FC-07 GA to Helicopter Adapter
Dual plug to single plug adapter

Click to enlarge103-0629-00 Comfort Ear Seals
Fits dome style headsets 4DX, 4DLX, & 5DX.

Click to enlarge103-0630-00 Copilot Transmit Cable
Provides transmit capability for copilot position. Requires separate PTT. (Not compatible with iNova.)

Click to enlarge103-0633-00 Open Cockpit Mic Muff
High density muff installs over existing muff on Classic headsets to block additional wind noise.

Click to enlarge103-0609-00 Cloth Ear Seal Covers
Fits dome style headsets 4DX, 4LX, 4DLX, & 5DX.

Click to enlarge103-0614-00 Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Adapter to power intercom from aircraft power.

Click to enlarge103-0613-00 Stereo Patch Cord
Stereo patch cord for connecting tape or CD player to panel mount and portable intercoms. 3.5 mm plug at each end. is a fully secure site. 
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