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Click to enlargeConfident Flying: A Pilot Upgrade
This new edition of Collins' and Bradley's Confident Flying: A Pilot Upgrade examines the role the pilot plays in the outcome of all flights.

Click to enlargeConventional Gear: Flying a Taildragger
This book explains in detail how to fly an airplane that has the “tailwheel” type of landing gear — the taildragger.

Click to enlargeDictionary of Aeronautical Terms, Third Edition
Aviation is an industry of acronyms and technical language, which makes this dictionary essential for everyone in the industry. Helps users understand all the terms, phrases, and disciplines of aviation.

Click to enlargeFlying America's Weather
Pilot, author, and AOPA Pilot contributing editor ("WX Watch") Tom Horne, explains the climates and weather phenomenon that can be found in every region of the U.S., in every season.

Click to enlargeFliers: In Their Own Words
Explores the lives and careers of 14 different pilots: from aerobat Patty Wagstaff, to bush pilots, airline captains, airshow clowns, and more.

Click to enlargeFlying IFR
This book provides invaluable discussion on instrument airmanship, weather analysis, flight planning and decision making, handling equipment glitches, partial-panel flying, and much more.

Click to enlargeThe Art of Flying
Through his experience and the best research in aerodynamics, meteorology, and accident prevention, Robert Buck reviews the keys to master each phase of a flight

Click to enlargeThe Perfect Flight
In a book filled with anecdotal information and sound advice, Richard Collins encourages pilots at all levels to strive for excellence in every phase of flight to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Click to enlargeInstrument Flying Refresher
In this unique and instructive book, veteran IFR pilot Richard Collins takes the right seat beside Patrick Bradley, a relatively new IFR pilot.

Click to enlargeIFR for VFR Pilots
In this landmark book, Taylor provides VFR pilots with an emergency reserve of basic IFR capability.

Click to enlargePilot's Guide Series: Cessna 172
Each guide is a comprehensive book on the fundamentals of flying the specified airplane.

Click to enlargePilot's Guide Series: Piper Cherokee
Each guide is a comprehensive book on the fundamentals of flying the specified airplane.

Click to enlargePilot's Guide Series: Piper Warrior
Each guide is a comprehensive book on the fundamentals of flying the specified airplane.

Click to enlargeTest Pilot: 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation
Barry Schiff’s latest work compiles fascinating material from his AOPA Pilot magazine monthly quiz column into one book for a riveting volume that will keep you reading.

Click to enlargePilot's Manual Volume 1: Flight School
How to fly your airplane through all the FAR/JAR maneuvers. Full-color, comprehensive maneuvers manual covers all the tasks from the FAA Practical Test Standards for Private and Commercial certificates.

Click to enlargeSay Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications, Second Edition
Bob Gardner’s book uses typical examples of radio transmissions to help increase readers’ comfort level when using the mike.

Click to enlargeSeaplane Operations
Basic and advanced techniques for floatplanes, amphibians, and flying boats, fully illustrated with beautiful photography and elegant drawings throughout.

Click to enlargeThe Savvy Flight Instructor
Subtitled Secrets of the Successful CFI, this book provides a wealth of information for instructors to keep students coming in and keep their training effective.

Click to enlargeTips to Fly By
Veteran pilot Dick Collins draws on his extensive pilot-in-command experience at the controls of virtually all types of light aircraft.

Click to enlargeTRACON
A departure from aviation training materials, a popular suspense novel about air traffic control.

Click to enlargeThunderstorms and Airplanes
Much research is done on the subject of thunderstorms, usually resulting in an admonition to stay out of storms. But staying out of trouble takes more than a resolve — it takes savvy.

Click to enlargeFlying the Weather Map
Since change is the only sure thing about weather, these anecdotes provide valuable learning experiences in weather interpretation, as well as fascinating reading.

Click to enlargePLANE SENSE
FAA-H-8083-19 reprint; general aviation information on owning and operating an aircraft is a fully secure site. 
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