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Avblend Linkite Lubricant

An oil supplement for aircraft now available for the first time to all piston engine-powered aircraft owners & operators worldwide. AvBlend produces a wetting action that allows lubrication to penetrate the pores of an engine's metal surfaces. Providing critical lubrication at start-up, AvBlend helps prevent accumulation of combustion chamber areas. Wear is reduced, engines stay cleaner and combustion chambers stay properly sealed. Keeping exhaust valves clean, well lubricated and stem-to-guide clearance at specified levels as well as valves moving straight up and down in their guides are the biggest battles in an air-cooled aircraft engine. Proper cylinder sealing is essential for achieving optimum peak pressure and design-level output. FAA approved. Four cylinder engines require one can at each oil change, and six cylinder engines require two cans is a fully secure site. 
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